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Technology, Innovation, Training

Whether you are a company which requires new technology or technology support, an independent Consultant who want to promote their expertise in the market in partnership with Steinbeis or an educational institution which needs to connect to industry and market in a self-sustaining mode or which looks forward to enhance its technological expertise and consultancy services in Steinbeis Partnership, you will find that Steinbeis India is able to assist you seamlessly in meeting your goals.

Steinbeis is an involved in Technical Consulting, Technology Development, Transfer and Trainings. Headquartered in Germany, Steinbeis has a network of more than 1100 ‘Transfer Centres’(or Innovation Centres) around the world. In partnership with Steinbeis Germany, Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India is the main representative of the Steinbeis Network in India. Steinbeis India is involved in establishing an Indian Steinbeis Network, comprising of Innovation Centres to create a sustainable Innovation support system for Indian Industry, specially SME’s. These Innovation Centres help businesses, large and small, develop / acquire the latest technology in fields ofRenewable Energy, Electronics, Automotive and Manufacturing to make their businesses more efficient.

Right from the Inception of Steinbeis Germany in 1971 and Steinbeis India in 2009, Steinbeis India has been integrating academia and industry in various technology areas. With support of German expertise, Steinbeis India supports in capacity-building of Academia for setting-up Innovation Centres to develop low cost innovations as per industry demand. At the same time, the industry is supported in identifying and co-developing low cost innovations with the support of these Innovation Centres.This mechanism is a self-sustaining model for companies to adapt themselves to the changing times.

Institutional Connect

Innovation Academia Steinbeis

Established in the current form in 1971, Steinbeis Germany was established with the intention of creating a bridge between academia and industry- to transfer academic and research findings from Academia and research into Industry. Traditionally, this transfer was happening very slowlyand Steinbeis wished to fashion itself as a catalyst in this process. Our credentials can also be established by the fact that many of the Directors of the Steinbeis Centres are Professors themselves in the various German universities.

Due to the academic nature of the Steinbeis Centres, many of the Steinbeis Centres have evolved into independent Research Centres themselves. These Steinbeis Centres have managed to create a niche for themselves in their respective specialisations and have also taken up names identifying with their specialisation. The complete list of these Steinbeis Centres in Germany can be viewed in the following Link:


More than 1000 of the 1138 Steinbeis centres in the world today are located in Germany itself.

The successful expansion of the Steinbeis network in Germany enabled consideration of its expansion abroad, which began to be done with mutual benefit to the host country and the Steinbeis Germany network. The pioneering venture of Steinbeis into India was undertaken in 2009 by 2E Knowledge Ventures Private Limited, under the guidance of its Director Mr. Vineet K Goyal. The Centre was christened ‘Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India’. The Centre focused on being a Centre for Technology Transfer between global Steinbeis Network and India- connecting Indian firms who require the technology with the latest Technology from Germany and other countries., and also setting-up an Indian Steinbeis Network.

Industry Connect

Steinbeis India, Innovation, Network

Steinbeis India focus is on providing Innovation Services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Often SMEs do not have the manpower and resources to network with the proven Technology providers in India and abroad by scouting internationally. Often Technology Scouting and Technology Transfer and Innovation (management) is a complex process which involves understanding of technology, socio-political issues, political and economic issues and lastly HR issues. SMEs are provided a one stop solution by aggregating various services- scouting for technology, being a point of contact with technology providers and where necessary and a platform to negotiate with Indian and Foreign firms / Institutions on business terms.

Steinbeis India has established its own network partners nationally and internationally. This has enabled us to offer expertise to clients even from countries that do not have Steinbeis Centres and connect with technology providers who may meet the peculiar requirements of Indian clients in terms of type of technology, pricing and other measures of technology transfer. We also have our own network of consultants in India, who are specialized in various fields and who are located in various cities in India.

Over the course of our existence since 2009, we have also established Associate Centres of Steinbeis India in various other locations in India, and just like in Germany, with their own specialisations. Indeed, we encourage our consultants to set up their own Centre after gaining a few years of experience of consulting with us. The most successful of these offshoots is the Steinbeis Solar Research Centre in Chennai, which has been involved in technology development, Project Consulting and Training in Solar PV Centres.

Technology Transfer

Innovation, Technology, Transfer

Technology is applied science, and as opposed to pure science, deals in the direct application of research into the production or improvement of goods and services.New technology is developed by universities, government research institutes, by the R&D sections of companies and sometimes even by individual scientists. Technology is knowledge that existswith the inventor or innovator. However, Technology transfer can take various forms. International technology transfer is especially more complex, because there are regulations that govern the transfer. Conversely, there are international agreements too which enable its smoother transfer.

Technology can be provided by one party to another by a training session on a screen, a demonstration on a prototype, by a design/diagram on paper, by animation in a computer or by written records containing formulas and description on how to set up the desired product or create the desired service.

Advanced Technology in many of the fields of Science and Engineering is still largely concentrated in western countries. Developing nations like India require such technology to develop on various fronts, whether we consider industrialization or in services ranging from the medical field to climate change mitigation. It is in this context that the work of Steinbeis becomes important.

Aboutà Technology Promotion

India, Global Technology Provider, SMEs

We provide assistance to international firms and organisations who wish to promote their technologies in India, or otherwise wish to partner with Indian firms. Interested parties only are encouraged to get in touch with us – one of the important aspects being there may be investments required for technology localization for Indian markets – with Indian partner.

We have been helping several SMEs to get the latest solutions to expand into new product ranges or make the delivery of their existing products/services more efficient.

India today offers ample opportunities for international business. Its thriving demography of working age youth, political stability and fast growing economy create a combination which no business should ignore.

The other government projects and incentives are as follows:

  1. Sagarmala Project: The project includes modernization of ports, setting up of coastal economic zones, new major ports and fish harbours. Capital outlay of USD 10 billion (Ministry of Shipping)
  2. AMRUT: Its aim is to recast urban landscape and make urban centres more liveable and inclusive. Capital outlay of USD 7.69 billion.
  3. Roads & Highways: Development of about 7000 km of national highways under Bharatmala Pariyojana. Capital outlay of USD 12 billion.
  4. Railways: Dedicated freight corridor for decongesting existing network. Capital outlay of USD 12.3 billion.
  5. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, or the Clean India Movement was launched in October 2014 as a campaign to clean the streets and infrastructures of India. It is India’s largest ever initiative in this area. Its objective is the elimination of open defecation, modern and scientific municipal solid waste management and capacity augmentation for local ULB’s (Urban Local Bodies). The total cost of implementation of this initiative is INR 62,009 crores (approx. EUR 9 billion).
  6. Clean Ganges: Modi has given strong support to the rejuvenation of the Ganges river, putting the National Ganga Council under his direct chairmanship and pushing forward initiatives to improve the quality and environment of what is today one of the heaviest polluted rivers in the world. In addition to the Ganges project, other rivers like the Yamuna are high on the radar.
  7. Smart Cities: India’s Smart Cities Mission, which was launched in 2015, aims to foster sustainable and citizen-friendly urban development in the country, through an initiative called 100 Smart Cities. One of the main reasons for this massive project was to alleviate the metropolises and make other cities more liveable with good job opportunities. Some financing will come from the central government and states, the rest from development banks, public-private partnerships, etc. In addition to the 100 Smart Cities, there are several cities with big aspirations and the desire to implement smart solutions, Smart Port cities coming up, as well as various private cities for which the developers are looking for smart solutions.

Other government initiatives that Steinbeis India is partaking in includes Make in India, which was launched by Prime Minister Modi in 2014 with the goal to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub; Skill India, which aims to improve technical training on a large scale to provide the cutting-edge industries fostered by Make in India with the manpower they need; and Digital India, whose official objective is to “transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy” through digital infrastructures, e-services and citizens’ education.

Aboutà Team

Our Team

Our team consists mainly of the following members:

  1. Vineet Goyal-

As the director of Steinbeis India, Mr. Vineet Goyal is qualified in Engineering and International Business. With wide exposuretoareas like Project Management and Marketing, he is currentlyworking in the areas of innovation andtechnology management and is an entrepreneur and guiding Steinbeis India in its growth for the last seven years. He has also been involved in technical consulting and training projects – a project to establish a Solar Joint Venture between an Indian and German Company, a project on Cleantech technology transfer to India through IPEX Singapore – a World Bank funded project, and several other projects. He has a total industry experience of more than 25 years in various companies like Rockwell Automation, Crompton Greaves, Confederation of Indian Industry, AP Technology Development and Promotion Centre, Prudent Automation and Thermopads. He has also had a long time association with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). He has worked as a Senior Counsellor for 6 years in CII.


  1. Rahul Mudliar

Rahul Mudliar has a background in Science and a specialized Masters degree in Sustainability and has a keen awareness of business and the latest trends in the market of Clean Technology. His Masters research on the topic of Renewable energy policy and sharp communication skills makes him well placed to ensure seamless communication between our client companies on the one hand, and our Technology partners abroad on the other. It also makes him capable of dealing with the multiple stakeholders which not only require scientific knowledge but also client relationship building as part of the business development strategy. Among his various feats in the company include preparing market research reports, providing Indian companies with our Technology in Waste water treatment and helping organize and conduct a four-day seminar on ‘Innovation in SMEs’

  1. Ms. J Sreedevi

Sreedevi has a background in Commerce with specialization in Computers and has been associated for more than seven years now. She has been involved in developing Steinbeis Academy since its inception and handled marketing and delivery of several training programs successfully – both in India and Germany. Heading the Training Vertical of Steinbeis, she has been instrumental in getting various partnerships and approvals like MNRE-JNNSM, NISE, European Energy Centre, ESSCI, GJSC, TASK, APSSDC etc.

  1. Ms. Razia Sultana 

Put Steinbeis Staff Photograph



International Partnerships

  1. Apart from the global Steinbeis Network, Steinbeis India has various global partnerships for scouting and transfer of technologies from major countries across the globe –
  2. Geo Capita UK – For Technology Transfer, Financing and taking advantage of the Carbon Credits under Paris Accord for Clean Technology and Green Energy Projects.
  3. LC InnoConsult International, Hungary – For Technology Transfer between Hungary and UK
  4. Indo-Euro Syncronisation, Germany – For Technology and Trainings in Industrial Robotics
  5. European Energy Centre – For Consulting and Training in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  6. yet2.com – Open Innovation Global Network based in USA
  7. QCC Ltd. China / Taiwan for Solar PV, LED Streetlight etc. technologies.
  8. 360IP Singapore – for Technology Scouting and Transfer from Singapore and China
  9. Delta Tech Korea for Technologies from Korea
  10. Other Companies / Innovation Consulting and Transfer Organisations in Russia, Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and Japan. 

Aboutà Opportunities with us

Consulting Opportunities with Steinbeis India (Freelancing)

If you are a faculty in a Professional Educational Institution or an independent consultant, who want to provide your services to the industry / Institutions through

– Technical Consulting,

– Technology Evaluation.

– Technology Scouting / Development & Transfer,

– Trainings & Further Education,

you are welcome to tie-up with Steinbeis India.

As a Steinbeis Consultant you could work on the Steinbeis Platform – while utilising our Network of more than 5000 Professionals in 56 countries across the globe, and more than 1100 Technology Centres.

We invite Consultants in the following fields to tie-up with us –

  1. Renewable Energy (Focus Solar PV)
  2. Automotive Electronics
  3. Manufacturing (Process / Product)
  4. Waste to Energy
  5. Urban Mobility / Transport Planning and Engineering
  6. Automation and Robotics
  7. Technology and Innovation Management
  8. Engineering Faculty Development (in the areas mentioned above)

We also invite European Consultants (in India / Europe) interested to work in India, to tie-up with us.

We offer attractive terms of engagement. However we demand a very clear objective based and time based delivery. We also undertake all project liabilities towards the end-client, while your liabilities are limited to us.

For information please send in your details to info(at) steinbeis.in / 2etech (at) steinbeisindia.com



  1. As a Small / Medium Enterprise (SME), what benefits can I get by availing the services of Steinbeis India?

There are multiple benefits to be had by associating with Steinbeis India. We can offer to you technology transfer in a variety of fields of technology. You may see from the Steinbeis Germany webpage the wide range of Steinbeis centres that we have, specialized in different fields:


All that we would request you to do is fill up our one page Technology needs form, which is available on this website (in the Contact section), and share it with us. We will take the responsibility of scouting for the technology among our Steinbeis network partners, especially in Germany. If you would like your required technology to be developed in India, then we can explore that possibility also, considering that we have a network of consultants in India and partnerships with various colleges and research institutes.

We can even help your company make Joint Ventures or other forms of tie-ups with foreign firms, as we are already doing currently.

For all of the above we will sign an agreement with your company, and we will undertake the business dealing and payment in a transparent way, as per the business proposal we draft for you and in terms of mutual reciprocity.

  1. I am an individual inventor and I have developed a new Technology. I want to promote this in a profitable way for myself. Can I get help from your organisation?

 We can surely do this for you. We support not only Small and Medium Enterprises, but also individual entrepreneurs. You can expect all help from us to promote your technology Nationally and Internationally.We can promote your technology passively on online innovation platforms also.

Nationally, we can find you atleast two parties who will be ready to purchase and promote your technology. Internationally, we can help you in all of those countries where we have our Steinbeis Centres and other partners. We will require you to fill up our one-page technology offer form, which can be downloaded from this website (Contact section). We request you to contact us for further details.

  1. I am an expert in the field of Electronics and I wish to work for myself by being a consultant. What benefits can a network like Steinbeis offer to me?

We would welcome experts in the fields of Electronics, Manufacturing, Robotics, Automotive, Clean Technologies and Technology and Innovation Management, to associate with us as a consultant. By being a consultant with us, you as an expert get the benefit of international branding of Steinbeis- a globally recognized German brand and the legitimacy that comes along with us. You would have full autonomy to scout for clients and take up your own projects. We at the Steinbeis office in Hyderabad will do the back office work for you, including in documentation and paperwork.

We also would not charge you any monthly fees. The only thing we would expect from you would be to sharewith us a small part of the payment from your clients, towards our Network Fees.

An additional benefit is that after you gain experience for a year or more, you can create and set up your own Steinbeis Centre, and take up consultancy projects independently of us. In this way, you get your own organisation and individual identity within the Global Steinbeis network.

  1. We are a college and we are interested in establishing a Steinbeis Transfer Centre / Centre of Excellence. What is the procedure?

 We would require one of the professors of your college to be heading the centre. This should not, however, come at the cost of the time he spends for his regular academic duties. The centre will be identified with the same expertise that the concerned professor specializes in.

We have presently set up a Centres of Excellence (CoE) in Smart Urban Mobility Technology in National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal and are in the process of setting up CoEs in Drone Technology and Internet of Things (IoT) in various Hyderabad Engineering Colleges. These CoEs will offer an array of services to the colleges in which they are located. This includes faculty training, training and placements to students and connections for the institute to the industry. In short, this is a straight forward way for the institute to stay up to date with technological advancements in the concerned field.

The constant interaction with industry will mean that the faculty and the institution will stay abreast of the latest requirements of industry. Also our expert trainers in the field will impart the latest innovations in the field in the training programs. This will not only ensure that the skills of the faculty and students are continually enhanced, but will also give a competitive edge to the students in placements with respect to their peers in other colleges.

There will have to be an agreement to be signed between your college and us at Steinbeis India.There are certain other requirements for which we would encourage you to contact us directly.

  1. I am a student and I would like to take the benefits of Germany’s advanced facilities in Robotics and Solar technology. Can your organization help me find and enrol for a relevant training program in Germany?

We have a partner organization in Germany called Indo-Euro Synchronisation which regularly conducts programmes in Automation in Germany. This programmeis an intensive programme of ten days where students are given exposure to the facilities of the various automobile companies in Germany, research institutions and also at the European centre of Mechatronics in Aachen. We are the official partner of Autosol in India and we accept applications from Indian students.

Aside from this we are also able to conduct training programmesin association with the various Steinbeis centres in Germany, one of which is the bi-annual session on Innovation in SMEs. We have a tie-up with Steinbeis University in Germany and facilitate student to take up the Galileo Masters certification course in Europe.Contact our office for more details.

  1. I am a Company / Working Professional / Independent Technology and Innovation Consultant. Can your organization help me find and enrol for a relevant training program in Innovation Management?

 We recently completed two programs in the area of Innovation Management – one for SME’s and the other for Technology Facilitation Organisations, in partnership with ISB (Indian School of Business), FITT – II Delhi (Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer), IIM Calcutta (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta) and IIM – Indore (Indian Institute of Management Indore). We trained more than 120 Professionals in training programs conducted with these premier Institutes.

Steinbeis has not established a long-term partnership with NMIMS (Narsee Monjee) University Mumbai, Bangalore Campus for providing three months training in Innovation Management for the companies in Manufacturing Sector. This is a unique 3 Months Class Room + Offline program where the participants shall be taken through various tools and implementation aspects of Innovation Management. The course shall be undertaken by experienced faculty from Steinbeis Germany with support of NMIMS Faculty.

  1. I am a EngineeringStudent / Pass Out, interested to undergo a technical training and join a good company to make my career. How can your organization help me?

 Steinbeis Academy India under E-Cube Program to ‘Enhance Engineers Employability’. These programs are typically 6-8 weeks programs whereby students are trained on Core Technical Skills apart from certain soft-skills. The intensive programs develop technical skills of the students while preparing them for core technical and marketing jobs. Once the students pass through our extensive trainings and assessment, they are provided opportunities for interviews with some of the top companies in the respective fields.

About Steinbeis Innovation Technology, Innovation, Training Whether you are a company which requires new technology or technology support, an independent Consultant who want to promote their expertise in the market in partnership with Steinbeis or an educational institution which needs to connect to industry and market in a self-sustaining mode or which looks forward to enhance its technological expertise and consultancy services in Steinbeis Partnership, you will find that Steinbeis India is able to assist you seamlessly in meeting your goals. Steinbeis is an involved in Technical Consulting, Technology Development, Transfer and Trainings. Headquartered in Germany, Steinbeis has a network…

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