Day 1
  • Introduction of participants and course overview
  • Introduction of PV module technologies (mono, poly and TF)
  • Module technical behavior (I-V curves, flash reports, MPP-tracking)
  • Introduction to inverter technology and string design
  • Function of DC junction boxes
  • Module quality (IEC 61215)
  • Shading analysis and referring spatial arrangement of PV modules on the roof

Case study – after a PV power plant has been designed spatially, participants will now…
▪ Analyse an inverter’s DC input parameters, and,
▪ Size the PV arrays accordingly.

Day 2
  • Participants will be working with a real Single Line Diagram of MW scale roof top plant in India.
  • Participants will understand various scenarios for electrical faults on DC and AC side.
  • Introduction to measures of electrical protection on DC and AC side
  • Connection principles and load flow.
  • Differences between evacuation in LT and HT
  • Participants will understand DC to AC ratio and the implications for plant design and overall cost
Day 3
  • Solar resource evaluation
  • Introduction to energy yield estimation software (PVSyst)
  • Concepts of CUF, spec. energy yield and PR
  • Yield estimation using the Performance Ratio concept.
  • Plant health vs. plant management
  • Participants will be able to apply the IEC 62446 for Testing & Commissioning in theory and practise
  • Q + A
  • Evaluation