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Technology Partnership Offer – Energy from Ocean Waves

The invention is a subject of international patent procedure PCT (publication number: WO 2015/130181 A1). The inventor has a positive report on patentability (IPRP) of European Patent Office after international phase of PCT. The application is currently in national phases in 11 countries around the world (including India) and in regional phase in Europe.
The inventor has a scientific expert opinion of Polish universities (Maritime University of Szczecin and West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin) confirming the coherent method, innovation in a scale of world and potential applicability of the invention.
Project requires R&D work, construction of prototype etc. The inventor is looking for companies from industry, who would develop this technology for their use as licensees, in cooperation with national universities during R&D phase.
The invention is related to the device, which is modular, scalable and mobile (floating). The main competitive advantages of WAVE-ECO include:
– taking energy from vast surface of waves and transmitting it to one generator
– capability for adaptation to different heights of waves and for continuous generation of energy
– affordable and easy adjustment to needs and conditions
There is no strong competition and mature technologies on this market – only quite numerous experiments. Wave energy is available continuously (as opposed to wind and solar). The project has a global potential.
Are you interested in details? We can send you the presentation including data, descriptions, analysis etc.

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