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As a Small / Medium Enterprise (SME), what benefits can I get by availing the services of Steinbeis India?

There are multiple benefits to be had by associating with Steinbeis India. We can offer to you technology consulting /  transfer / collaborations and Trainings in a variety of fields of technology. You may see from the Steinbeis Germany webpage the wide range of Steinbeis Centres that we have, specialized in different fields:


All that we would request you to do is fill up our one page Technology needs form, which is available on this website (in the Contact section), and share it with us. We will take the responsibility of scouting for the technology among our Steinbeis network partners, especially in Germany. If you would like your required technology to be developed in India, then we can explore that possibility also, considering that we have a network of consultants in India and partnerships with various colleges and research institutes.


We can even help your company make Joint Ventures or other forms of tie-ups with foreign firms, as we are already doing currently.


For all of the above we will sign an agreement with your company, and we will undertake the business dealing and payment in a transparent way, as per the business proposal we draft for you and in terms of mutual reciprocity.

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