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Steinbeis Centre for IP and Allied Legal Services


Whether it is a simple task of registering a brand, Intellectual Property Protection or Management, or a dispute resolution activity, the main aim of SCIALS is to deliver maximum value to the client.

Director / Experts


Centre Director’s Gurpreet Gulati is an Advocate having a work experience of 17 years, her expertise lies in Intellectual Property Rights. Having worked for major international brands from around the world, she has diverse experience in advising businesses on Intellectual property matters.

Before joining Steinbeis family, Gurpreet worked with React-the anti-counterfeiting network in a leadership role. She has also worked with Eminent IP Law firms like Ranjan Narula Associates and Fidus Law Chambers. While working for some of the top brands in React, she also had the opportunity of understanding the brand owner’s issues and working closely with them.

Services Offered

1. Trademark Services

  • Trademark due diligence

  • Filing trademark application

  • Trademark Objection reply

  • Trademark Opposition

  • Trademark renewal

  • Trademark restoration

  • Trademark removal

  • Trademark rectification 

  • Trademark monitoring 

2. Brand Protection Services
    a. Brand Infringement Investigations
    b. Offline Enforcement – civil and criminal
    c. Online monitoring and enforcement services
    d. Customs recordals and customs enforcement
    e. Law Enforcement trainings and engagement


3. IP Portfolio management services.

4.Copyrights services at IP Caravan includes copyright registration, filing, licensing, & enforcement. We also provide       

   litigation services in case of copyright infringement or misuse.  

5. Design services includes registrations, application filing, rectification, renewal and advisory, also design rights     


6. Domain name dispute resolution services.

7. Alternate dispute resolution services.

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