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Centre for Sustainability, Northeast India

About Us

Centre for Sustainability is a non-profit organisation to facilitate sustainable development in the seven states of Northeast region of India. Northeast region of India is one of the few biodiversity hotspot regions of the world and plays a key role in the global initiate for climate mitigation and adaptation. Though the region has various good practices for indigenous ecological management, the increasing pressure of population growth and urbanisation over the past years has led to various challenges for sustainability of the region. Centre for Sustainability aims to facilitate the sustainable development and accelerate the transition towards a circular economy of the region by drawing from the experience of successful local practices and drawing from local and international experts to provide sustainable solutions. Some of our focus areas includes biodiversity protection, renewable energy promotion, local market development and skills enhancement.
The main objective of the centre is to empower local stakeholders in its effort for sustainable existence through the following initiatives:

       • Support existing entrepreneurs through access to finance and capacity building.
       • Identify high impact economic activities and initiate pilot projects for long-term upscaling.
       • Provide platform for sharing best practices amongst local and international practitioners.

Our Team



Prof. Dr. Phungmayo Horam

Dr. Horam is a Professor at GISMA University of Applied Science, and his work focuses on the application of economics and management science for providing solutions for sustainable business practice and innovation. He received his PhD degree in resource economics from Humboldt University Berlin and has over 12 years of experience in designing sustainable cities for the Future-Megacities project sponsored by BMBF and advisory work for technology and knowledge transfers in India, Germany and the UK. At the regional level, he has facilitated various projects in renewable energy and skills development in partnership with MNRE and local institutes in the Indian state of Nagaland, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh and New Delhi.

Vice President

Dr. Atoho Jakhalu is the Director of Climate Studies and Knowledge Solutions Centre, Department of Science and Technology, Government of Nagaland, India. He holds an MPhil degree (Environment and Development) from the University of Cambridge and received his PhD degree (Resource Economics) as a DAAD Scholar at Humboldt University-Berlin, Germany, under the 'Future Megacities' funded by BMBF. Mr. Jakhalu has over 14 years of experience in research, policy, and practice in the areas of agriculture, climate change and natural resource management gained in academia, government and non-governmental sectors in India, United Kingdom and Germany. He serves as a National Exert for KFW-COSFOM project in India and advises for the JICA- NFMP (Nagaland Forest Management Project) Government of Nagaland project.


Dr. Atoho Jakhalu

Programme Director


Dr. Pamreihor Khashimwo

Mr Khashimwo is currently a Research Co-ordinator-cum-Research Associate in the Department of African Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Delhi. He received his MPhil and PhD in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi and Post-Doc from the University of Delhi, India. His areas of expertise include energy security, foreign policy, sustainable development and cooperation, peace and security, and social entrepreneurship. He has worked on projects in the energy sector and social entrepreneurship in association with the University of Delhi, Indian Council of Social Sciences, Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi, Natural & Cultural Heritage Conservation, and other local NGOs in Northeast India.

Chief Management Officer

Mr. Hungyo received his Masters from the Delhi school of social work from Delhi University. He is a social entrepreneur with several years of experience in areas relating to renewable energy, education, public health, livelihood, farming, sustainable development, and indigenous community knowledge building. He is the Director of RREA, a non-profit organization based in Imphal working on the socio-economic development of the region and is also the founder of Teach for North-East. He has been part of changeloomers by Pravah, Unltd India, TFIx, Wipro Fellowship and has also been awarded by Dettol & Better India for his work during the Covid for the Country.


Mr. Mathanmi Hungyo

Senior Consultant


Dr. Ourania Papasozmenou

Dr. Papasozomenou is an ecological and institutional economist, with experience in environmental policies, water, and energy management. She received her PhD degree from Humboldt University Berlin and has worked on projects on water governance and on mainstreaming rainwater harvesting, and the political economy of energy infrastructures in divided cities in Europe. She is particularly interested in the interplay between institutions and human behaviour. She is the assistant editor of the Journal of Ecological Economics.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Ramzani is a Professor at GISMA University of Applied Science and her area of work and expertise lies in sustainability science, economics and business management. She received her PhD in Economics & Information Systems at the University Putra Malaysia and has several years of experience at international universities in Berlin, Malaysia and Singapore. She has published over 89 scientific articles on financial economics, monetary economics, marketing, HR and business management. Sara is also the Chief Executive Editor of the Journal of Development Economics, Horizon Journals since 2019. She has led and collaborated in various international research projects, notably from the United Nations and UK SDG reports.


Prof. Dr. Sara Ravan Ramzani

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