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Steinbeis Northeast Centre for Renewable Energy and Knowledge Transfer

By expanding our services into the North East, we are playing an important and responsible role in the development of the region by imparting contemporary skills to the youth in the region. This Steinbeis Centre is headed by

Mr. Phungmayo Horam, an Expert in the area of Renewable Energy Policy.


This Centre specializes in imparting training and policy research in the field of solar and renewable energy. It trains solar technicians as well as engineers. What makes it assume significant importance is that it is one of the prime government recognized training Centre in the North-East – in partnership with local organizations. By coordinating with our sister concern 2E Skills, this Centre also trains students as part of the government programs.

Project Example:

1. Suryamitra Training Program for Training of Local Youth in Solar PV technology and entrepreneurship undertaken in

    Nagaland in partnership with Nagaland Renewable Energy Department.

2. Training of youth done in other areas like Mobile Repairing undertaken in the neighboring state of Arunachal Pradesh.

3. Research Project being undertaken - Climate policy risk and investment opportunity in clean technology: an evaluation 

   of technology transfer in biowaste to energy market in India.

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