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Who We Are.

Steinbeis is the world’s largest and a unique model of providing expert Consulting, Technology Development / Scouting / Transfer and Training services to the industry. Steinbeis model is based on transferring knowledge and technologies from Academic and Research Institutions to the Industry utilizing the services of Subject Matter Consultants / Experts. It has 1200 + Transfer Centres, over 6000 Experts doing more than 10000 Projects in Germany and over 56 countries across the globe.


Steinbeis India is a Network Centre of Steinbeis GmbH & Co. KG für Technologietransfer, Stuttgart Germany since the year 2010. The Headquarters of Steinbeis India is based in Hyderabad, Telangana and it has been providing technology, innovation and training services for last 12 years.

Our Services

Technology & Innovation Consulting


Technology Development & Scouting


Technology Transfer & Collaborations


Trainings & Further Collaboration

The Steinbeis Model

Steinbeis model is based on knowledge entrepreneurship, where individual experts, researchers, and consultants work as a part of Steinbeis network, providing value-added services to industry and Governments in a professional engagement. Each of the experts could work as a Steinbeis Network Expert or could establish a Steinbeis Transfer Centre where, as the Centre Director he/she is involved in providing services to the industry. Steinbeis supports by providing seamless access to its global network, Steinbeis credentials of turnover and several projects done over the years, and an unmatched client access with Steinbeis brand and reputation.

Our Work is 2-fold

However easier said than done, Steinbeis unique model deploys Steinbeis Transfer Specialists between researchers and industry to make bridges between them and ensuring the success of transfer projects.

Transferring Competitive Research
to the Industry

Working on Projects against Industry Demand

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